fishThis document has been prepared by the Department of Marine Resources to assist the public in their understanding of the Fisheries Regulations that concern sports fishing in The Bahamas.

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In sports fishing the following rules apply- (a) a person shall fish by the traditional method of angling with a hook or lure attached to a line held in the hand or attached to a pole, rod or reel;
(b) a person, unless otherwise authorized by the respective permit, shall not use a spear, a fish trap, or a net other than a landing net;
(c) each vessel shall use not more than 6 rods or reels unless the operator is in possession of a permit authorizing the use of more rods or reels;
(d) any migratory fishery resource (such as Kingfish, Dolphin, Tuna or Wahoo) that is caught shall not in total exceed eighteen fish aboard the vessel at any time;
(e) any Billfish (such as Marlins, Sailfish or Swordfish) caught shall be returned to the sea unharmed except where landed under the terms of an approved sports fishing event or tournament; and
(f) no vessel have on board at any time -(i) turtle (ii) conchs, exceeding six; (iii) crawfish, exceeding ten; or (iv) other demersal fishery resources exceeding sixty pounds or twenty fish.
(2) The limitation specified in (1)(d), (e) and (f) shall also apply to a Bahamian vessel engaged in fishing for purposes other than commercial by persons who are not Bahamians.
(3) A fishery inspector shall be permitted to enter and inspect a vessel that has engaged in sports fishing. (4) For the purposes of this regulation permanent residents would be treated the same as Bahamians. Part XV General
(1) Without prejudice to the foregoing regulations, no person shall for commercial purposes export any fishery product or fishery resource, sea-shell or coral unless- (a) he holds a license from the Minister on behalf of the product or resource he wishes to export; (b) the product or resource is presented to a fisheries inspector at the time of exportation; and (c) the export duty on such product or resource as may be specified in the Second Schedule is paid.
(2) Subject to paragraph (1) no person shall take out of The Bahamas migratory fishery resource which consists in total of more than six Kingfish, Dolphin and Wahoo or ten pounds of conch or crawfish or more than twenty pounds of other demersal fishery resource.
(3) Subject to paragraph (1), a foreign vessel engaged in sports fishing for which a permit was issued under regulation 47 shall, on leaving The Bahamas, be allowed to export the amount of fishery products aboard that vessel in accordance with the catch limits under regulation 48.